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Today was my first time doing Colon Hydrotherapy. The receptionist was very
informative, and Melissa made me very comfortable. She did an excellent/ awesome
job. I would definitely come back...

- K. Robertz

I hands down love Healing Waters of Raleigh! First time I have ever done Colon
Hydrotherapy. I have always had terrible tummy issues. I've had countless appointments
over the years with physicians and specialists for my tummy troubles. They recommend
x-rays, prescriptions and over the counter medications. Nothing was working. Until, I
contacted Healing Waters of Raleigh. Finally, for the first time in my life I actually have
no tummy issues. It's awesome! I purchased the 3 package of Colon Hydrotherapy
sessions. Jen was absolutely amazing! She will talk and guide you through the entire
process. She will also recommend natural supplements to help you maintain your
tummy health in between your sessions. I highly recommend them!


-A. Lynn

Darlene Holloway is fabulous !!

If you are looking for a great naturopathic Doctor Who does a detoxification, look no
further. She is wonderful. I’ve been going to her for years and always feeling
Phenomenal after my treatment.


- R. Dubois

Today was my 3rd session at Healing Waters of Raleigh and I can only sing 🎶 praises
to Jen for everything!!! I feel more than a million times better than when I first walked in
the door! My gut feels more on track than I can ever remember!!!
Crystalyn, the lady you will talk to first and see when you walk through the door is
wonderful. She has helped me in multiple ways. She will answer all of your preliminary
questions and you will always get a warm response!
On your visits you will get warm welcomes and responses no matter whom you

So if your gut is feeling a little off or you need some rejuvenation please do not hesitate
to contact Healing Waters of Raleigh!
I look forward to reading your positive reviews!

- K. Blue

I truly enjoyed my experience at Healing Waters. It is a warm, friendly, and relaxing
environment. Crystalyn is amazing and Jen is super helpful and attentive. The staff is
the epitome of professionalism, I highly recommend healing waters.

- Y. Evans

I had a fantastic experience at this establishment! The atmosphere was delightful, and
the team went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Their extensive
knowledge and holistic approach to care left me thoroughly impressed. I'm already
looking forward to signing up for three more sessions in the future. Highly

- E. McAdoo

Dr. Darlene Holloway is an absolute treasure! I’ve received her magical services about 3
times and every single time she alway puts me at ease and allows me to relax and get
through the process in a very therapeutic non abrasive manner. Also, her abdominal
massage is A1 sauce and adds to the soothing release. If you are thinking about getting
your colon hydrotherapy let this be confirmation to do it! She’s simply amazing .

- T. Moore

It was a great experience and I learned so much. Wasn’t sure what to expect initially but
really enjoyed the experience. Jen was my therapist and she was fantastic! Will
definitely be back for more sessions.


- S. Horne

Hydrocolon therapy is one of the best therapies I have taken to advance wellbeing! I am
so grateful Healing Waters exists; this place has improved my quality of life. I have a
clearer mind and more energy! If I am having a rough time feeling tired and sluggish, one
session revitalizes me. It’s an amazing place filled with beautiful people.


- J. Moore

What a blessing to have found this service in Raleigh. Dr. Holloway has been amazing at
explaining what I need to do to keep my colon clean and healthy. So many problems
over the years and I feel so good now.


- G. Wines

Signed up to assist with the detox I am doing. I am blown away!!!!! Feeling energized!
Session was with Melissa!

- V. Parker

I had a great experience with Healing Waters. I completed the 3 visit package. The
colonic was very comfortable and Jen was very knowledgeable. Crystalyn was also
wonderful to schedule with and welcoming. I would recommend this to anyone to try as
a self-care and wellness practice.

- C. Walker

I am blessed to have found Healing Waters!!
After 40 years of laxative abuse, anorexia and bulimia, Jen and Dr. Holloway have gotten
me back to me. Jen is absolutely extraordinary. Her healing touch and calmness and
patience and advice have changed my life. I cannot recommend anything as highly as I
recommend Healing Waters. They have healed me. I am cleansed. And that was a big
Thank you, Healing Waters!

- K. Krefetz

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