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My experience was very pleasant & relaxing! Upon entering, I was cheerfully greeted by the receptionist, Amelia and Hydro-Therapist, Jen. I alerted them I’d be running a little late, and instead of rescheduling me they kindly ( and surprisingly) accommodated me!!!


Jen took her time and talked me through every step of the colon cleansing process. She was so gentle and pleasant. I had a wonderful experience and will definitely return soon!!

Thank you Jen & Amelia!!!

- Doraette “Dee” Harley

"Great services performed by Jen. She has superb bedside manners and helps you understand the process which helped me not feel anxious since it was the first time I was trying this method of colonic. I slept well that night and felt relief almost immediately. I am from out of town, so I was only able to get one treatment. I do think had I done one or two more I would’ve had even greater results. Highly recommend Healing Waters for anyone who is trying to improve their gut health and/or balance their digestive system."


-Gianella C.

"My friend and I flew down to North Carolina for a little wellness weekend. Having a colonic done was top priority on our list of things to do, because we haven't been able to find anyone who has a closed system here on Long Island. Upon arrival I was extremely nervous. I had never had someone in the room with me during a open system colonic and I wasn't sure how uncomfortable I would be or what to expect during the closed system.. Jen did an amazing job making me feel extremely comfortable and explaining step by step what was happening. My anxieties were at ease just minutes after meeting her.. she has a fun, bubbly personality with a calming aura. The belly massage throughout the process was my favorite! I would highly recommend going to Healing Waters. I really had a great experience during my colonic with Jen"


-Rosa R.

"Working with Mrs. Jennifer is very relaxing. It has been The Best Experience I've had on My Journey to restore Colon Health. I scheduled appointments for three consecutive days in a row and each day I felt better and better. My Energy level was higher than days prior to visit. And I Am Very Grateful to Jennifer and all those who contribute to The Blessing that is Healing Waters."


-Treasure T.

"Great service! First time there and Jen explained everything, helped me relax with massage and walked me through the whole experience. Jen was awesome, professional and knowledgeable. I have another appointment next week and cant wait. Thank you Jen!"


-Debbie D.

"I’m so grateful for Jen! I’ve been getting colonics on and off for 8 years. While on this healing journey I’ve realized the importance of having a actual connection with your healer. I love that she does a mediation before the session & she really tries to get to know you and your body with no judgement. I’m so excited to watch her & her business grow! I love it here."


-Meagan N.

"When I tell you that was the best release I’ve ever had in my entire life..... Man, oh man! I feel like I can run a marathon! She massaged my belly the entire 40 minutes. She filtered in the water for a few minutes then filtered it out. She did that in quite a few cycles and explained everything throughout the process. It was an amazing experience! I’m will certainly be returning! I did release some though the tube but most of it was released when she was done and I went to the toilet. She also explained the types of bowel that was released. Explained the mucus and all! By far the best experience I’ve had holistically."


-Kelly B.

"I’ve been to see Jen 4 times now and all have been a great experience, no complaints! She has a bright personality that makes you feel welcome & comfortable. She educates, listens to concerns, & makes adjustments if needed. Highly recommend her."


-Paige W.

"Jen is absolutely wonderful!! She ensured that I was absolutely comfortable and completely knowledgeable during my first experience with this procedure. She is so very patient and kind! I have and will continue to recommend her services to everyone!!"


-Cristina W.

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